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Yangon has a long and vibrant history. Situated at the confluence of Bago and Yangon rivers, Yangon, formerly known as Rangoon during its colonial past and Dagon during the times of the reining kings, grew into a bustling city full of diversity. This city lies within the shadow of the city’s landmark, the glorious Shwedagon Pagoda – a golden beacon at the heart of Yangon’s sprawling metropolis.

As Myanmar’s biggest and most populous city, Yangon today maintains elements of the past amidst the constant development of modernization and the country’s opening economic landscape. From majestic golden pagodas and serene lakes built during a bygone age to intricately ornate and imposing colonial buildings, Yangon’s heritage transcends both memory and time.

The narrative of Yangon’s past and its present lives on not only in this incredibly beautiful landscape but also in its people. Balanced in a thin line of modernity and tradition, the people of Yangon create a uniquely colourful community. With Yangon: Then & Now, experience Yangon through our perspective and see how the past meets the present.