Welcome Message

Welcome Message

U Tin Myint, President of the Myanmar Hotelier Association (Yangon Zone)

Yangon Hotel Expo 2019 will be a one-stop shop for promoting and exchanging business ideas among Hoteliers, investors and tour operators in Yangon.

This international hotel expo is meant to promote collaboration between international business partners, investors and operators in Yangon through collective efforts by stakeholders in the industry. The number of tourists coming through Yangon International Airport is huge, but they usually stay in Yangon for a day or so. Therefore, we will create tourist attractions in Yangon, such as historical sites, shopping areas and other prominent spots. These will attract tourist to stay longer in Yangon.

Welcome Message

Daw Naw Pan Thinzar Myo, The Yangon Regional Minister of Karen Ethnic Affairs

The regional government is committed to developing Yangon as a Smart City to meet international standards. It has already changed remarkably.

We plan to make Yangon a better urban environment in which to live, work and play; it will be more than a commercial city, with a better public transportation system, public parks, modern cinemas and shopping centers. The government still has more to do and we are committed to bringing better living standards to the people of Yangon. I believe that it will be a destination for travelers as well. So, Yangon will be a commercial hub as well as a better place to stay for both locals and travelers.

U Naing Win

U Naing Win, the director of Directorate of Hotels and Tourism

“Our ministry working together with the business to promote the image of Myanmar Tourism Industry. All the local and international businesses from the industry could meet at the expo as well as they can experience the Yangon. I would like to congratulate Myanmar Hotelier Association (Yangon Zone) for bringing the Expo to develop sustainable tourism business.

Team Fill in

Organizer Team (Team Fill in)

“We are proud to have a chance to organsie this Expo and overwhelmed for the supports from Yangon Regional Government, government departments and all associations. Yangon carries the strong historic stories with the modern development and changes. There are many more to explore though Yangon is the one of popular destination in international media. The changes will make Yangon as a new place. It needs an innovation with the value of Myanmar and it should be continuous. This is what we will highlight in the Yangon Expo 2019.